Your Art Biz Refresh + Refocus Retreat (Online)

Your Art Biz Refresh + Refocus Online Retreat

Discover and Ignite the Spark of Joy in Your Art Biz | with Mentor Bonnie Glendinning

Course Overview

You Are Invited...

Your Art Biz Refresh + Refocus Retreat by Bonnie Glendinning of The Artists Mentor and The Thriving Artist

Join My 5 Day Online Retreat to Discover and Ignite the Spark of Joy in Your Art Biz.

It’s Fun
It’s Relaxing
It’s Online
(no travel required — yay!)

Can you relate to any of these?

 You secretly feel a little (or a lot) of dread about your art business.
You are unmotivated or just plain stressed about what to do next.
You live in a fog about how to find your groove with your art biz.
You are doing all the ”right things” and still not getting results

If you are nodding your head then I have good news!
You are not alone.

It was what I needed...

Janice says This retreat is what I needed to affirm my brand and take it a little slower and not worrying!

I liked starting the day with your training...

Monica I liked starting the day with your training because I thought about it the rest of the day and decisions and ideas developed throughout the day.

This has rekindled my motivation...

Irene says this has rekindled my motivation! What a Godsend thank you Bonnie.

I appreciated hearing it was okay to let go...

Janet says I appreciated hearing that it's okay to let go of a project that's no longer sustainable.

I loved Day 5...

Stacie says Loved Day 5 of the retreat! All the points how they link to spiritual acceptance.

It prompted me to take time and write my thoughts down...

Deborah says I have really enjoyed the Retreat. It has prompted me to take time to think through these issues and write my thoughts down.

It was insightful...

Michelle says It was an insightful Retreat

I have a whole new approach and mindset...

Helena says It opened up a whole new way of addressing daily challenges with approach and mindset.

Why A Retreat?

I was inspired to create this retreat to give you a place to reconnect with yourself away from the busy-ness of your business. And, to help you gain clarity and confidence in you, your art, and art biz.

I encourage you to claim this time (just 30-45 minutes each day for the lessons and exercises) to connect with yourself during the Retreat and reap untold rewards including a newfound joy and platform to fortify your creative self going forward.

Included are 5 days of lessons and exercises that are designed as an online-only, go at your own pace experience.

It will be your time to...
   Breathe deep
   Experience what is possible
   Enjoy a respite from chaos
   Reconnect with the ”you” of your art biz

I can’t wait to meet you inside the Retreat!

Bonnie :)

A great mental and physical break, clears out the cobwebs...

Tim Longwell, Artist says Your Art Biz Refresh + Refocus Retreat was rejuvenating, helpful guide to insight on yourself as an artist and business.

Bonnie Glendinning
Bonnie Glendinning
Founder, Mentor, Instructor

Bonnie Glendinning, founder of The Artists’ Mentor, The Thriving Artist and Artmuse®, provides education, programs, platforms and brand mentorship for professional artists. As an artist, designer and entrepreneur herself, her mission is to empower artists to create their artistic legacy.

Course Details

❋ Welcome + Overview
★ Welcome
★ About Bonnie
★ Tools and Techniques
★ Support and Additional Resources
★ Copyright & Disclaimer
❋ The Art of Being An Artist
★ You Are Being Called
❋ Day 1
★ Claim Your Space
❋ Day 2
★ Clear Your Path
❋ Day 3
★ Ask For More
❋ Day 4
★ Allow Yourself
❋ Day 5
★ Be Bold & Thrive
❋ What Else Is Possible...
★ What Else Is Possible...